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Thoughful Emotional Breathtaking

Hey fellow Art lovers, its me Fabi the face behind the brand FabulousArt. While others had a talent and passion for languages or math, I was always inspired by the creative people in my surrounding.

I picked up drawing when i was very little, according to my mum I was born with a pencil on my side and since this day I've continued this beautiful endavour.

Through out the years, I've worked with many different styles and techniques, but one the one that fascinated me the most was drawing with charcoal, especially hyperrealism style. All my drawings initally started out as ideas in my head, which then I realised in multiple projects, working with the photographer (Massimo Mariano) and numerous models. Those pictures served as templates for my final drawings. I hope to be the inspiration for others like many artists were for me.

For Custom Request: Check out my Instagram to see more of my drawings.



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